The Healers Page

Medics den

You heard some berries fall and a cat tumble over and you quickly ran into the cave to see the healer picking up some fallen Cob Nuts, "Are you okay?" you said to the Healer.

"Yes, very much young one" The Healer Chuckled, "What did you Need (Your Name)?". "Nothing.. But.. Could i Learn About the Healer's History?" You Said Shuffling Your Paws. "There are Herbs, there is The Amount Of Deaths Of Cats There is, The hurt the ill and the heathy, there is the Healer history And So Much More!... But Sure, Lets Start With Herbs!" The Healer Smiled....

🍇"Finding Herbs, The Uses, And Effects"🍇


Herb: Alder Bark.

Found: Mainly wet, boggy wet terrain.

Used For: Tooth pain.

Effects: Eases toothaches.

Amount: 16

Beech Leaves-0

Herb: Breech Leaves.

Found: Damp or Dry Soil.

Used For: Used Like Bags for Other herbs.

No Effects.

Amount: 32
Herb: Bindweed.

Found: Almost anywhere.

Used For: Fastens sticks to broken legs to keep them in place.

No Effects.

Amount: 27
Blackberry Leaves
Herb: Blackberry leaves.

Found: Almost anywhere.

Used For: These leaves are chewed into a pulp.

Effect: Eases the swelling of bee stings.

Borage Leaves
Herb: Borage leaves.

Found: Forests

Used For: It is chewed and eaten by nursing Queens.

Effect: It produces more and better milk. It also brings down fevers.
Herb: Broom.

Found: Forests.

Used For: to make poultices for broken legs and wounds.

Effect: Uknown.
Burdock Root
Herb: Burdock Root.

Found: Dry Areas

Used For: The root is dug up, the soil is washed off, and then it is chewed into a pulp.

Effect: Lessens and heals the pain of infected rat bites, and used to prevent infection of rat bites.
Herb: Burnet

Found: Dry Grassy Meadows

Used For: Traveling

Effect: Its said to help stop minor bleeding on Twolegs. Keeps a cat's strength up.
Herb: Catchweed

Found: common in hedges and other low, shrubby vegetation.

Used For: The burrs are put on the pelt where poultices are.

Effect: Stops poultices from being rubbed off without hurting the skin.
Herb: CatMint/CatNip

Found: Rarely found in the wild; mostly found in Twoleg gardens.

Used For: Eaten

Effect: Best remedy for the deadly greencough, which kits and elders usually catch in the season of leaf-bare. Can also be used for whitecough.