you padded in a beautiful warm field, then saw a bird and your stomach growled. you swiftly ran after the bird and it took you way far away. you started to run out of breath and you let your body go limp. then you saw the bird sitting in a tree, you quickly sprang up and jumped up the tree but then you heard a twig snap and you looked down and began to fall.  

The fall was so big that you felt you were not going to make it, then you quietly whimpered from the pain in your leg and side, then you looked around and saw nothing but thick, watery, clouds, then you heard rustling in the bushes and you quickly played dead, she sprang out right in front of you and sniffed you.  

"Hmm... seems this cat is playing dead" the mysterious cat figure appeared out of the mist her red eyes making it brighter as you felt a vibe of anger from her.  

you struggled to get up to your paws but before you do another cat figure appears. 

WHO ARE YOU?!?! you wanted to scream but the pain didn't let you, "I've got this shadestripe, go tell the Clan"  

the grey cat leaped away, "since we are saving your life, you should join us, or i could leave you here and let the maggots and other hungry animals finish you off" She said as she looked at your wounds, and the blood that came out of where a stick went through your stomach.

Do you follow this strong Cat to her clan or do you stay and let the maggots finish you off?

(click the link to follow)


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