Status Dead Yet Alive And Very Active
Owned By AshStar The Savage
Group The Tribe Of Broken Souls
Age 21
Breed Turkish Angora, Scottish Fold Mix
Sex Female
Sexuality Bi-Sexual
Mate TwilightFire
Animal Jam Username Snowstar45
MineCraft Username AshStarTheSavage
Names Kit: Ash

Apprentice: Ash

Warrior: AshFur

Leader: AshStar



She Has Eyes With a Bright Shade Of Red On The Bottom And A Dark Shade Of Red With Bright Red Specks On The Top, And a Fang Shaped Pupil.


AshStar Has a Muscular Frame That Kind Of Makes Her Look Male, Her Legs Are Long Which Makes it So She Can Run Fast, And She Has a Big Feather Shaped Tail That Keeps Her Balanced But Also Gives Her a Little Bit Of a Female Look.


AshStar Has a Black Body With a Black Half White Face And a White Tail Tip, She Has Long Soft Fur And if Shes Going To a Meetup She Uses Cherry's To Make Her Tribal Markings.


AshStar Doesn't Have Much Scars On Her, She Has 3 On The Left Ear And One Below Her Left Eye.


AshStar Smells Like Roses And When Shes Wearing Her Tribal Marking She Has a Hint Of Cherry's Mixed in.



AshStar is Rarely Shows Emotion To Strangers, Giving a Cold impression To Others, This Causes Her To Be Unapproachable Sometimes. Her Manner Of Speaking is Rather Blunt And Sometimes insulting. However, She is Nice To People She Knows. She is intelligent But Sometimes That intelligence is Forgotten Because Shes Often Socially Awkward But She Can Sometimes Calm Down And Be Normal When Shes Going To a Meeting.

Positive Traits

Loyal, Intelligent, Mature, And Strong.

Neutral Traits

Independent, Strict, And Controlling.

Negative Traits

Harsh, Rude, Sometimes Lazy, And Unapproachable.


The Colors Black, White, And Red.

Leaf Bare And Leaf Fall.

Rabbit And Cardinal.

Hanging Out With Her Mate And Friends.

Sunny, Windy Days.



Being Alone.





Losing Her Friends, Family, And Mate.


Creatures That Are Distorted.


Agility: 8/10

Speed: 7.5/10

Combat: 9.5/10

Intelligence: 8.5/10

Leadership: 9.5/10

Climbing: 3/10

Hearing: 4/10

Swimming: 6/10

Hunting: 9/10

Herbal knowledge: 4/10

Teamwork: 3.5/10

Back Story

AshStar's Mother Was a Rouge, She Had a Hard Life And a Kitten Was The Last Thing She Needed To Care For, But Life Ain't Purfect is it?

AshStar Was Born On a Sunny Day in The Beginning Of May And AshStars Father Was No Where To Be Seen, But Her Grandma Was.